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Trauma and the Crisis of Faith

Trauma is disorienting and fragmenting, and this often results in spiritual consequences.  Questions like “How could a loving God let this happen?” “Is God punishing me?” “What is God’s purpose in this?” or thoughts like “I must have done something to deserve this” may arise. We may even experience f...

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How Can Greater Boundaries Lead to Greater Compassion?

There is no one like Brene to explain the beauty in boundaries (and doing the hard work of exploring, establishing and maintaining them) so that we can be our most compassionate and generous selves. Yep, it's true, it doesn't seem like these two things would go together, but they do! I hope you are able to take a few m...

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The Key to Beating the Brain's Negativity Bias: Take in the Positive

Today I wanted to focus on a deep, dark secret of good therapy and thriving in your day to day life: creating space to let in the good, to take in positive experiences. This is a habit we can all work on developing no matter where we find ourselves in life. Let me explain the unfortunate facts first, then I'll get to...

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3 Ways to Stop a Panic Attack in Its Tracks

Difficulty breathing, heart pounding, chest pain, trembling, feeling like the walls are closing in... having panic attacks or high anxiety is the worst! One thing that I know for certain is that everyone finds relief for panic in different ways so I will offer a few ways that individuals I've worked with have found rel...

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Tired of Coping with Trauma Reactions? Get to the Root of it

Recovering from PTSD and other trauma reactions is possible, and it it takes time, courage, compassion and patience. To understand how to heal trauma, we need to understand how it is stored in our body physiologically and how our brain works. A leading trauma expert summarizes well the problem with traditional talk the...

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What Are Trauma Reactions or Signs or Symptoms of PTSD?

The signs and symptoms of PTSD or trauma reactions are related to the person's experiences in the trauma itself. The cause of trauma is any event where one’s life is threatened (or perceived to threaten a part of self) and one experiences helplessness or powerlessness. Many people don't realize that even though someo...

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What is Trauma?

“Trauma” has become a word we throw around in our daily life and is generally understood to be a highly stressful event. Psychologically speaking, though, “trauma” is an upsetting event or stressor (often life threatening) that exceeds a person’s ability to cope with and is accompanied with feelings of helple...

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A Healing Fit: Questions to Ask Your Counselor

Your deepest hurts often occur in your most important relationships. This, too, is where healing happens: in relationship. That is why seeking a counselor who is well-suited to you and your story is so important: it is the basis of your healing journey. Finding the right counselor isn’t always easy. Here are a few q...

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What is Splankna Therapy?

If you have found acupuncture, chiropractic and/or energy work services intriguing or helpful but you haven't been sure whether or not they are in line with your spirituality, read on to learn more as Splankna may be just what you're looking for. Central to Splankna is the belief that our subconscious drives our menta...

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