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What is Splankna Therapy?

A Deeper Look at a Christian, Integrative Approach to Healing from Trauma

If you have found acupuncture, chiropractic and/or energy work services intriguing or helpful but you haven’t been sure whether or not they are in line with your spirituality, read on to learn more as Splankna may be just what you’re looking for.

Central to Splankna is the belief that our subconscious drives our mental health issues, and this is stored in our bodies at an energetic level. For example, for someone struggling with anxiety we may know what we want to feel (calm, at ease) or think about ourselves (I am safe, I can handle this) but insight about what we want or how we got to feeling anxious (trauma, other life experiences or our wiring) doesn’t actually relieve or change the symptoms. Splankna is a Christian approach that utilizes the body’s meridian system (the same system chiropractors and acupuncturists use) to go to the root of the symptoms in order to bring about the change in the conscious and subconscious mind-body. Pronounced splunk-na, and originating from the Greek word for ‘gut’ (subconscious), Splankna has its origins in various other energy psychology protocols: Thought Field Therapy, EMDR and Neuro-Emotional Technique. It reaches far beyond each individual protocol to integrate your spirituality and personal story in the healing process.

When many Christians think of energy work, they may be confused as to how this relates to their faith and may associate it Eastern thought. Practitioners of Splankna rely on God as the creator of all (including our energy) and from this understanding acknowledge that while many Eastern philosophies have been the first to recognize the body’s energy system and utilize the meridian system for healing within their own understanding of God, we as followers of Christ may utilize these same observations of the energy system within our understanding of God and belief system for the glory of God and our own personal healing path. No faith conflicts here!

If you have found that talk therapy alone hasn’t been as helpful as you had hoped and are finding yourself interested in a Christian integrative approach, Splankna could well propel you toward the greater healing you seek.

The Splankna Therapy Institute offers more resources to answer other questions you may have surrounding the process or to find a therapist as Carolyn is not doing Splankna at this time due to working exclusively online.

Finally, below is a great video where actual clients of other Splankna practitioners share their thoughts and experiences:

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