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Seminars & Speaking Engagements

Carolyn is passionate about sharing her training and background in mental health, trauma recovery, women’s issues, peak performance, and spirituality with churches, medical practices, book clubs, women’s groups, teams and the community in general. Please contact Carolyn to discuss ideas for your speaking event and she can work with you to create the specific program you are looking for. Some examples may include:

  • Teaching church leaders and communities about mental health and how to support men and women with mental health diagnoses
  • Talking to business organizations about how to strike a work/life balance and stress management
  • Empowering high school/ professional sports teams to use their focus and brainpower to up their game
  • Educating family members of trauma survivors to lend understanding to their complicated symptoms and find methods to better support their loved
  • Teaching women’s groups how to embrace their femininity, find their wild side and beat false/irrational beliefs
  • Working with any group of individuals looking for mindfulness and gratitude strategies to improve their daily life

Here’s what you get:
• Talks can be tailored to the needs of specific groups/populations
• Multi-media presentation with Power Point slides (option for printed notes)
• Question and answer period
• Follow up availability for further questions/consultation

Carolyn is also available for interviews, profiles, and expert commentary on women’s mental health issues and trauma recovery.  For questions or contact information, contact her here.

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