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Embodied Counseling is a holistic practice specializing in helping women and men heal from trauma, PTSD and anxiety through cutting-edge counseling that integrates mind, body and spirit to overcome barriers to living fully alive; physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and relationally.

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About Carolyn Duhn, LPC

Greetings! As the owner and lead practitioner at Embodied Counseling, I would like to welcome you! Allow me to tell you a little about my philosophy and background...

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It is a privilege for us to join with individuals wherever they are in their personal journeys. Learn about the services we offer and schedule a free 20-minute telephone consultation.

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Carolyn is passionate about sharing mental health, trauma recovery, women's issues, peak performance, and spirituality with churches, medical practices, groups, teams and the community in general.

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Trauma and the Crisis of Faith

Trauma is disorienting and fragmenting, and this often results in spiritual consequences.  Questions like “How could a loving God let this happen?” “Is God punishing me?” “What is God’s purpose in this?” or thoughts like “I must have done something to deserve this” may arise. We may even experience f...

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How Can Greater Boundaries Lead to Greater Compassion?

There is no one like Brene to explain the beauty in boundaries (and doing the hard work of exploring, establishing and maintaining them) so that we can be our most compassionate and generous selves. Yep, it's true, it doesn't seem like these two things would go together, but they do! I hope you are able to take a few m...

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